Online Ticketing

More than ever, guests are purchasing their admission and other products online before they visit. With the right ticketing store, this gives you even more opportunity to expand the guest experience before they even arrive on site.

Mobile first development

Make sure that your online store is optimized for mobile purchasing. More than half of all web viewing happens on a mobile device (Mobile eCommerce Statistics (Updated 2022) Percentage of Mobile mCommerce Shopping Trends (outerboxdesign.com)), so you need to ensure an excellent mobile purchasing experience for your guests.

Your Store in Your Control

You need to be able to make updates to your offerings at the speed of your business. Some days that means putting up a flash sale or special event as quickly as possible. You are always in control of the items and their content in your store, allowing you to customize your offers quickly and easily.

Smart Checkout Selling

Before your guest finishes their purchase, your cross sell checkout engine can use the items that they have in their cart already to make smart sales suggestions before a sale is finalized. If paid parking is going to be required for all attendees, suggest one-time daily parking for guests with tickets in their cart while season pass buyers are offered season parking upgrades. If guests reserve a cabana, you can remind them to purchase admission if it’s not included.

Tailored Fraud Prevention

Online sales have seen a steep increase in fraud over the last few years, and merchants on average spend $3.75 for every $1 they lose in fraud (Each $1 of Fraud Loss Actually Costs Merchants $3.75, Says Report (cardnotpresent.com)). Using customized fraud prevention tools based on your business insights can help reduce this damage for your organization year over year.



Whether you have a venue with capacity limitations or you offer specific reservations for cabanas or special events, you need to have a system that allows you to create a variety of reservable products quickly and easily.

Guest Reservation Management

Allow your guests to manage most reservations online by giving them a portal to view, reschedule, and cancel reservations within the windows you set for each product you offer. Guests can split a reservation into multiple dates or times if their group has scheduling conflicts, or open up a reservation to rebook in the future reducing the number of refunds your team has to offer.

One Combined Inventory

Sell items online and on site with the same inventory pool. This means you can leave your online sales open longer while still being confident that you won’t overbook any reserved items with POS sales. You can even set aside specific items or quantities of an item for on-site sales if you want to ensure that you’ll always have a minimum number of items available. You can even offer a variety of packages with different prices using the same pool of reservations or cabanas with additional perks.

Mobile Cabana Selection

With mobile ordering more popular than ever, your guests need to be able to select the specific cabana they want on a mobile device just like a guest purchasing on a desktop computer. With the easy to implement and even easier to use reservation module in your online store, guests can choose the specific cabana or other specialty reservation that they want without having to reach out to your team to create their perfect weekend.

Guest Services Flexibility

Your guest services team can create reservations for guests easily and quickly, or reschedule existing reservations when guests request it. Print out reports for your team for setting up cabanas with information about what each guest reserved or generate a contact list for rainouts or rescheduling.


F&B, Retail, and Ticketing POS

Having one POS available for all areas of your venue means consolidated reporting, easier training for your staff, and more consistent excellent guest experiences.

Easy to Use

Even in a venue that operates year-round, you still have seasonal employees that you can’t take weeks to train. Train a cashier in minutes not hours with our easy-to-use ParkPOS system. Coretech Systems also offers a complete library of video modules you can use to customize your in-house cashier training.

Flexibility in Staffing

You need the flexibility to move an employee from one station to another without having to send them back through an entire training program to get them up to speed. Using the same POS system at ticketing and retail as well as F&B means that you can reallocate staff to where you need them most throughout the day easily.

Integrated Cash Control

Utilize a sophisticated cash control system that is fully integrated into your register applications. Check out cash bags to a cashier, automatically calculate over-shorts, attribute sales to multiple stores from one cashier, and quickly import all your daily sales to ensure accurate reporting.

Offline Functionality

Attractions are frequently located in areas that don’t have the most optimal uptime for network connectivity. Even when you have interruptions to your network, your registers can keep running without interrupting your guest experience.


Access Control

Scalable Handheld Devices

Deploy as many devices as you need at the opening of your gate for high traffic entry periods and scale back for slower portions of the day as you need to. Without tying into fixed stations that block your entrance and exit and force traffic to flow the same way all day, you can utilize hand held devices to scale up and down as often as you need to with an easy-to-use interface that you can train teams on in minutes.

Date Based Admission

Sell date-based tickets with your own variable pricing model and have the support of an admission system that has built in tools to allow you to manage seasonal upsets. With an option to engage an override mode, you can choose to allow or deny access based on tickets from dates other than the admission day to enforce your own business rules rather than being tied down with inflexible restrictions.

Built In Offline Scanning

If network connectivity becomes an issue, you won’t have any slow downs at your gate to create a friction point for your guests. With unique ticket numbers issued with offline validation imbedded in the barcodes, our mobile gate application stores scans in an offline mode until connection is restored and your admission scans can be updated automatically. Even season pass scans can be stored for offline redemption.

Hourly Count Automation

Your management group can automatically receive an hourly count email that details information about admission scanning as well as exit scanning if you choose to enter it. With a running look at each hour of the day, you can see how many people are on site every hour from your email.


Season Pass & Memberships

Creating lasting relationships with season passes and memberships for guests is a differentiating advantage in the attractions industry. Giving you a system to put together programs of tailored benefits to your pass holders or members, you can tailor your offerings to the things you know are going to bring your guests back throughout your season and on into future ones.

RFID Band Passes

Guests have said they prefer wearable season pass options to traditional cards by 92% (Elitch Gardens guest survey). Our clients also see an increase in the use of pass holder benefits and stored value adoption with RFID passes. (Use EZ-Band video here for image?)

Customized Benefit Packages

Offer free friend tickets, pass options like parking and meal plans, discounts on cabanas and other items both online and in park. You create a tailored package of options and coupons that allow you to give incentives to your guests to visit early and often as well as drive additional visitation in key shoulder periods with enhanced benefits.

Automated Payment Plans

Make it easy for your guests to pay for their season pass with recurring monthly payments over the number of months that suits your venue. Create a schedule that will have your payments collected before guests come to visit on site, or allow them to continue to pay through the operating year. Every month, guests will be automatically billed for their order based on the eligible payment plan items they select with email notifications to help collect any past due bills that might have gotten missed. And while a guest is past due, their season pass will automatically be blocked for admission until their account is up to date without your team having to manually track payments or visits.

Off Season E-Renewal

When guests purchase a renewal online with an RFID issued season pass, we can renew their pass without them having to get in any processing lines on site before coming to the gate. Guests automatically get their electronic coupons and options based on their membership program package and can immediately load stored value or check out online benefits.


Cashless Payments

Let your guests focus on the experience at your venue, not finding their wallet.

By providing a cashless payment option at all of your points of guest interaction on property, you can give your guests seamless purchasing throughout their visit.

  • 1

    Load Value Online

    With a customized guest portal, your pass holders can add money to their stored value balance from their phone right in the park. Allowing guests to load value onto multiple accounts in one purchase makes it easy for families to have everything they need on their wrist with an RFID pass.

  • 2

    Incentivize Cashless Payments

    With offers that allow guests to receive promotional value every time they load more money onto their account, you can customize offers to your most loyal guests. Guests are more likely to continue to load additional value onto their account once they’ve had a good experience, and you can incentivize your pass holders with either dollar or percentage based incentives for their first or multiple balance purchases.

  • 3

    Keep Refunds In-House

    Use stored value on site as a preferred refund tender. By returning funds to a stored value account rather than in cash, you can ensure that the refunded money stays inside your business rather than losing the value of that transaction.


Analytics & Reports

Attractions need up to date daily reporting to manage the seasonal challenges of a venue whether it operates 90 days or all year long. Our comprehensive suite of reports on everything from online sales to deferred revenue general ledger entries allows your organization to have daily data provided in the reports they need to be successful in their roles.

Daily Operating Report Suite

The cornerstone of all reports for operating a successful attraction is a daily view of your performance. The Daily Operating Report provides per cap and revenue information by department and store with comparisons for the daily, monthly, and yearly performance against both previous year and budget numbers. Your team can generate this report in minutes on a daily basis to provide you insight into the key performance metrics you need.

Google Analytics 4 Integration

Your online ticketing store will be able to connect to Google Analytics reporting to give you information on the performance of advertising and promotions you’re running online as well as key information about guest buying habits such as offer views and cart abandonment.

General Ledger Import

Create a clean and clear GL import document with integrated sales and redemption information that allows you to take full advantage of operating in a cash or accrual accounting environment. Track sales and redemption at department and revenue center levels on every update.

Sales and Item Movement

Give your revenue managers the reports they need to manage inventory and understand their revenue by department, category, and store. With detail and summary reports, you can track tickets online and in person as well as all retail and food and beverage sales easily and quickly.


Fraud Prevention

Online sales have seen a steep increase in fraud over the last few years, and merchants on average spend $3.75 for every $1 they lose in fraud (Each $1 of Fraud Loss Actually Costs Merchants $3.75, Says Report (cardnotpresent.com)). Using customized fraud prevention tools based on your business insights can help reduce this damage for your organization year over year.

Prevent Return Fraudsters

Using Coretech Systems collection of customer profile data, your web store can prevent a buyer that was previously associated with a fraud related transaction from making future fraudulent purchases.

Flag Potential Fraud Transactions

Within the web ticketing system, you can see transactions that were made prior to a fraud chargeback being filed that have related customer profile data allowing you to cancel items and refund the order before it turns into a costly chargeback.

Customized Rules and Thresholds

You can create customized rules that will use advanced functions like risk scores, customer location, and device data to prevent suspicious transactions from being placed through your online store.



Coretech Systems partners with other solution providers to enhance the suite of integrated products available to our customers and give you opportunities to incorporate best-in-class tools tailored to attractions. We are always watching out for partners that will bring enhanced benefits to our clients to bring you new features and services.

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